A List Of Mind Games For Children

In today's world, parents are worried about constructively engaging their children. Especially the young children in preschool are in the formative period of their lives. Thus it is necessary to engage them constructively.

But, how can we engage them constructively? This has been a prime thought of parents around the world. In this respect, places like Child Care Anaheim CA provides you with the best solutions.

Maria Montessori, the eminent educationist, clearly states that when we encourage children to look around them, they can shape themselves for the future. Thus it suggests that children develop better when we encourage them to learn through activities. Their logical and analytical rationale develop vividly through activities.

Each child is indeed born with their individuality. But at the same time, external factors can also largely influence brain development in them. Thus, for a child’s optimal brain development, parents and teachers should foster both nature and nurture elements at home and school.

Teachers at Child Care Anaheim CA, encourage the elements of both nature and nurture to enhance the cognitive development of young children through various mind games and activities. Read this article to learn about our list of some helpful mind games for young children.

A list of Mind Games For Children

Go through our list of mind games for children that will help them develop in a better way:

  1. Memory Match

    This game depends entirely on the child’s memory recall. It is about remembering where the cards are, and the one with the maximum pairs of cards becomes the winner. For instance, we can use this game to make children learn and remember the names of the homes and the names of the young ones of various animals. Most of the Daycare have this game for the kids.

  2. What’s Missing?

    This game activates the visual memory of children. The game is simple. It is a tray containing household items and asking them to remember them. Then they will be asked to detect the missing items.

  3. Solving Puzzles

    This game is an excellent exercise for the mind. Here children put together small pieces in the right order to complete a bigger picture. Apart from pictures, the puzzles like ‘What’s next,’ ‘What’s missing’ provide thinking opportunities to the children.

  4. Board Games

    Board games also have educational values. Apart from spending quality time, these games develop life skills like planning, critical thinking, logical thinking, problem-solving, etc. For example, Chinese Checker enhances the child’s strategy-making ability.

  5. On the Move Games

    Playing memory games with children while traveling or walking is another way to develop their cognition power. Games ‘I Spy’ and memory games like naming birds, places, and countries help greatly.

  6. Brain Games

    Brain games like Brainvita, Rubik’s cube, Chess, Lego- blocks, and others help improve children's memory and cognitive function.

  7. Word Games

    Word games like Word search, Crossword puzzle, Unscrambling words, Riddles, and others help in graving the children’s attention and adding new words to their vocabulary. They also encourage children to think outside their mind’s boxes.

  8. Technologies

    We have so many online brain games nowadays. Preschools incorporate various mind games into the lesson plan. The likes of logico piccolo, Funthinkers match frame, and clever-cube games are used in the preschool classroom.

The above-mentioned games will help children develop their cognitive power and make their schooling days enjoyable.