3 Easy and Creative Newspaper Craft Ideas for Kids

Origami or paper crafts can be one of the most fun and creative things you can encourage your kids to indulge in. Instead of using spanking new papers, using old newspapers would be a good idea as it would serve as a better craft material to keep your children entertained. Besides providing entertainment, art, and crafts help children in developing their fine motor skills and creativity.

Amazing Newspaper Craft Ideas for Preschool Kids

Here you can find some arts and crafts ideas for children that can be done using newspaper as the main ingredient.

1. Xs and Os – Forget playing this game with pen and paper, when you can play it like a board game instead. You can follow these steps with your kids and make a giant size game of Xs and Os.

Ingredients :
  • Sheets of a newspaper – 6 to 7
  • Cereal or cardboard boxes
  • Tape
  • Acrylic paints
How to make :
  • First, roll one of the newspaper sheets along the length and stick tape on it to form a pipe.
  • Flatten the pipe to make a flat stick. Make 4 such flattened sticks. Paste all the sticks together like a hashtag (#) sign and try to form the grid for Xs and Os.
  • Now, use the cereal or cardboard box to cut out Xs and Os (5 each) of the desired size and cover them with newspaper.
  • Encourage your kids to color code them, if they want.

2. Newspaper lamp Shade - Buena Park CA schools put great importance on art and craft. The teachers there encourage their students to explore their creativity using different easily available materials. Newspaper lamp Shade is something that children can make with a little assistance from their parents or teachers.

Ingredients :
  • Water
  • Glue
  • Newspaper
  • Colorful paints and brushes
  • Old paper lampshade
How to make :
  • First, shred the newspapers into pieces.
  • Mix glue with water and use the mixture to stick the newspaper pieces on the old paper lampshade. The old lampshade should be completely covered with newspaper and then leave it to dry.
  • When it is completely dry, laminate it with another coating of the glue mixture. Once it is dry ask your kids to draw or paint some colorful designs over this to give it an artistic and rustic look.

3. Newspaper Autumn Leaves – Preschool kids love making these colorful leaves using newspaper.

Ingredients :
  • Newspaper
  • Freshly fallen leaves
  • Autumn colored crayons
  • Scissors
  • Twine/ribbon/tape
How to make :
  • Put the leaves on the floor and cover them with a newspaper. Then trace the shape of the leaf and its veins onto the paper.
  • With one of the crayons, begin to lightly color the paper until the shape of the leaf begins to form.
  • Kids can use different autumn colors to define the veins and give the shading more life.
  • Once the coloring is done, using the scissors cut the paper in leaf shape.
  • They can use the strings or ribbons to string them together or can use tape to stick the leaves to the window. The light will filter through the leaves and create a beautiful effect.