Famous ‘Super Why’ Characters that will Encourage Your Kids to Read More

Super Why is a series intended for kindergarten kids to teach them reading skills all through interactive adventure tales. Each episode features superheroes who delve into classical stories and use their special powers to solve everyday problems that most preschoolers face. Montessori teachers suggest parents allow their kids to watch this show as it focuses on themes that develop reading skills in children such as, letter identification, spellings, encoding, decoding, comprehension, vocabulary, and more.

If you are wondering how these Super Why characters can help your children read and learn better, this blog post will answer your questions.

How ‘Super Why’ promotes learning in Kids :
  • Their approach is innovative, as reading and comprehension lessons are hidden in the form of popular stories that have a deeply meaningful and powerful experience embedded in them.
  • ‘Super Why’ blends interactive activities that build literacy skills and tells powerful stories where the skills are relevant. This is a powerful teaching methodology that is quite personal for children.
  • As the format of the show is interactive, children get actively engaged in following the storyline and solving mysteries.
  • As the little ones participate in different activities, they get totally absorbed in the adventure of the characters while solving challenging problems.
  • The format of the story and the games hone many of the skills that children require to develop their reading and comprehension skills.
  • Many schools in Cypress CA uses PBS KIDS to help kids learn important reading skills. For example, phonemic awareness, emerging literacy concepts, fluency, the alphabet code, spelling, comprehension, handwriting, and written expressions.
  • The series teaches literacy strategies to children that they will know where and how to use.
  • The interactive characters and literacy-based games offer plenty of practice in reading skills.
  • The series not only teaches but also helps the tiny tots understand the importance of reading and comprehension and encourage them to become lifelong readers.
Popular ‘Super Why’ Characters names :

Whyatt Beanstalk : He is the leader of the Super Readers and one of the main characters of the popular series. He is super friendly and is a natural leader who is most-wanted during a time of crisis.

Princess Pea : Unlike other princesses, instead of being bratty and spoiled, she very reasonable, happy, and energetic. Though sometimes she displays a lack of confidence, She always puts all her efforts into improving an unfavorable situation.

Littlest Pig : Littlest Pig is quite ambitious. Although he is tiny, he loves making things and pretends to be a construction worker inspired by his dad Poppa Pig.

Little Red Riding Hood : As one of the main characters of the series, she is pretty, kind and a bold young girl. Montessori kids love her as she is friendly and caring who will do everything possible to help her friends.

Woofster : He is a cute puppy and his superpower is his ability to use the dictionary and look at words that the Super Readers cannot understand. This helps them understand the situation and also learn new words.

You can encourage your children to watch PBS KIDS and help them learn and develop their reading skills through interactive stories, games, and activities.