Four Excellent Tips to Keep Your Children Completely Fit

Summer has come and some parts of the USA have already become very hot and heat wave may start on those parts soon. Children are at great risk of a heat wave and hot weather. Extreme heat and heat-related illness are very common among young children say a preschool caregiver. Sometimes it becomes dangerous and out of control. Heat rash, heat cramps, heat edema, heat exhaustion are common heat-related problems. But serious illnesses like heatstroke may happen, and if the care is not taken at the primary stage, it may turn fatal.

During summer vacation, it is the sole duty of parents to keep their children completely fit. A preschool pediatrician in Cypress CA gives some easy tips to parents in this matter.

  • Keeping children hydrated in summer is the most important thing because dehydration is dangerous. Give them plenty of liquids to drink. Plain water is the best thing to keep the body dehydrated. But, kids have natural apathy in drinking this water. Keep water everywhere so that they can see and drink. Some kids are very stubborn and it is difficult to make them drink. For them make drinking fun. Leave a colorful glass or arrange for family drinking time 3-4 times daily if possible when all members of the family will drink together. In summer the most common drinks that kids crave are bottled readymade drinks. But, those drinks contain a huge amount of sugar and sugar sucks body water to get digested. Those drinks may be tasty but harmful for the body. Better you make some homemade fruit drink at home for them to supply fluid. Different types of soups are a good source of fluid. Encourage them to consume more soups than solid foods especially in summer.
  • Bathing in normal water is the best thing to keep the body cool because it helps to remove body heat. Be sure that children are getting at least two showers daily, if possible increase the number of the shower from two to three. Dermatologists think that taking shower frequently in summer not only helps to cool the body it helps to remove sweat and dirt from the skin and keeps pores open. Thus it saves skin from summer skin rashes.
  • Keep your home cool. Hang a heavy cotton curtain in the window. Cotton curtain gives shades and allows air circulation at the same time. Keep your air conditioner on, at the maximum time to keep your home cool.
  • Restrict your child’s outdoor activities and try to keep them indoors especially at noon and in the afternoon when the day temperature remains the maximum. Child psychologist in a preschool in Cypress CA thinks that it is very tough to keep children indoors in summer because they are so energetic. For this reason, they tell parents to be innovative to find out the way by which they will be able to keep them busy indoors during the daytime when the temperature remains maximum. Encourage them to paint and draw or involve them in cooking and baking. Give your smartphone and tell your children to make the daily daytime indoor documentary. All these measures may help your children to keep inside during daytime.