Headaches In Children – Its Causes And Treatment

Have your kids ever complained about having headaches? You would be surprised to know that kids can suffer from headaches for many reasons. Preschool teachers have experienced that stress to poor eyesight to lack of proper sleep can cause headaches in children. Learning the causes and treatments of headaches will help you and your kids to combat them and prevent them from occurring. This blog post aims at proving some essential information about headaches in kids and ways parents can deal with them.

Causes of Headaches in Kids :

Although it is quite unusual, a surprising number of children suffer from headaches. There can be many reasons for a headache in a toddler.

Illness : One of the most common causes of a headache can be an illness like cold, fever, flu, or even sinus infections. Most of the time this type of headache resolves itself once the underlying illness or infection is treated.

Head Trauma : Bumps to the head while playing or otherwise can lead to headaches in kids. If the headache continues to worsen over time, please consult a good doctor.

Emotional Stress : Tension and nervousness can be a prominent cause of headaches in children. Your kids can be stressed about school assignments and after-school activities and they are so small to deal with it properly.

Genetics : some types of headaches like migraines tend to be genetic and normally affect kids if anyone in the family suffers from it.

Brain Issues : Sometimes headaches can be an indication of some underlying brain issues. It can be suggestive of bleeding, abscess, or tumor.

Treatment for headaches in Children :

According to the Buena Park CA childcare experts, the remedies for headaches in children depend on their age, medical history, allergies to drugs, and of course, the type of headaches.

Rest : The first thing doctors would recommend is that your child should get enough rest. Taking rest would help if the headache is caused by stress or strain.

Medication : Doctors may prescribe some medicine for your kids to mitigate the pain. But those should be consumed only according to the doctor’s advice.

Relaxation Therapy : Doctors recommend relaxation therapy for kids who are having headaches due to anxiety or depression or any other psychological stress.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy : Sometimes therapists may use CBT to provide the child with the proper tools or techniques to deal with the stresses of everyday life.

Massages : Sometimes non-conventional therapies like acupressure and massage can help to fight headaches.

Self Help Tips for Children :

Sometimes these self-help tips can work quite effectively to combat headaches. You can train your kids to try any of these.

  • Lying down silently in a dark room will help alleviate the pain and reduce the duration of the headache.
  • In Preschools Buena Park CA, sometimes teachers do breathing exercises with their students to prevent headaches.
  • Putting a cold compress or a moist, cool cloth across the forehead can reduce the pain.
  • Try to reduce screen time and have proper sleep at night.