Help Your Children To Go Back To School After Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak has brought a great change in our daily life. We all and mostly the children are affected by these changes. Earlier after a certain age, all children used to go to school and they knew that they have to go there. But, during the long two years of pandemic they have remained confined in the home, did school online from home, and have got accustomed to a certain routine and now when the fear of pandemic is decreasing, the whole world is trying to go back to its earlier routine. Like others, young children also accept the fact that like in the earlier days, they also have to school again.

Some children are really excited that schools are going to reopen. To them, school is a happy place where they are involved in various activities under the guidance of a loving teacher and spend a happy enjoyable time with friends. But many kids may feel anxious about going back to school after a long pandemic break, fears a Montessori caregiver in Cypress Ca. Unwilling children throw tantrums, complains of a stomach ache or headache, and are reluctant to ride the school bus. Children who are starting school for the first time feel nervous, anxious, and frightened. This anxiety is normal and understandable. Parents, as well as caregivers, should take creative strategies so that they overcome this unnecessary fear.

Kids might be worried that from now they have to go to school wearing a mask as most of the children below twelve years in the United States have not got vaccine yet. They are anxious about whether they will get the same old friends after such a long interval. Kids have not gone to school for nearly two hours. They are also uncertain how the school will look like now in the new situation after such a long time, they will get more homework or they will face the unfamiliar social situation, in school, they will have to stay in the strong routine, rules, and regulations - thinking all these things kids who have previous school experience are getting frightened. They were enjoying an unending vacation from 2019. And the children, who will go to the school for the first time, are anxious about the unknown world.

A common quarry that is coming from parents to Montessori caregivers is “My child is scared to go back to school. How can I help him feel at ease?”

Here are some tips that are given by a Montessori school authority in Cypress CA that may help your children to overcome these complicated emotions

Your children are not going to school for a long time or he or she may be a first timer in school. Before school begins, establish a routine at home. Rehearse your child by wakening them up early in the morning for a month so that your children will not fail to catch the school bus in the morning.

For younger kids who will be attending school for the first time, school is the biggest source of anxiety because a significant portion of the day they remain separated from the child. Tell them that a school is a beautiful place and you will get lots of friends there

If your child is unwilling to wear a mask and special kind of dress in the time of going to school, tell them that it is for the safety of yours as well as others.