How can you help your toddler to become a good reader?

With all of today's distractions, it is more difficult for children to learn to read. So much so that it appears like the creators of adorable cartoons and enjoyable smartphone and tablet apps are all working against you!

Because reading is a necessary skill for your kid, it is your responsibility to prepare your preschooler for it. Given below are some tips recommended by teachers of Preschool Cerritos CA.

  1. Ensure that your child is surrounded by books.

    For your youngster to be interested in reading, he must first be aware of and drawn to the appearance of a book. Get a few novels that you believe your youngster would enjoy. If you're at a loss for what to purchase him, according to teachers of Preschool Cerritos CA, choose books with a lot of illustrations in vivid colors. It's no secret that children adore bright, colorful imagery.

  2. Ensure that the books are appropriate for the age group.

    It's pointless to acquire gorgeous books if the words are too difficult for your child to grasp. As a result, you must purchase books appropriate for her age. The reading age of most books is mentioned on the jacket or, if purchased online, in the product description or photographs. Books for preschool going kids are typically meant to be read in around 15 minutes.

  3. Participate in Word Games to Improve Phonemic Awareness

    What youngster doesn't enjoy playing video games? Phonemic awareness is the ability to recognize and recall sounds in spoken speech. You may assist your infant in identifying noises by making them more audible.

  4. Assist Him in Understanding the Relationship Between Written and Spoken Words

    Your youngster has only used picture books up to this point. He is ready to handle books with text and images now that he is older. You must select such books since your child must understand that she must read words, and the visuals she sees simply depict these words. Understand that the terms in the book are also utilized in everyday life to assist him. All you need to do is make sure he's paying attention. Listening is an important part of developing phonemic awareness, so keep an eye on your child when you read to him.

  5. Make reading enjoyable and interactive.

    If you read aloud and smile while doing so, your youngster will want to do the same. If you appear to be having fun, your youngster will learn to like reading as well. Instead of viewing it as a chore, she will view it as a pleasurable pastime. Make certain that your youngster participates in the reading process. Allow her to choose the book, flip the pages, and attempt to read aloud as well. This will keep her interested and help her vocabulary grow.

As per preschool experts, reading to your kid can help them develop better listening skills, a longer attention span, and a stronger imagination, to name a few benefits. Several studies in preschool Cerritos CA have shown that kids who perform well in school began reading before they even reached preschool.