How Can You Plan a Perfect Playdate for Your Toddler

Playdates are becoming increasingly popular in this modern era. Before seeking a companion for playing just meant running into the neighborhood park or ground and there everyone was. But nuclear family setup where everyone prefers to live in 2/3 rooms flats, and lack of kids playground has made this play dates a necessity for the new age kids.

What is a Playdate?

A playdate is basically a kids’ (of the same or similar age group) get-together. If your child goes to Daycare, then you can call other kids from there. Normally one parent host this get-together but it can be held in a public place also depending on the parents’ preferences and the weather.

Important Tips for Organizing a Playdate for toddlers :

It is mainly the responsibility of the host parents to arrange for the resources, food, and other necessary items for the kids. If you are hosting the playdate for the first time, here you can find some essential tips for organizing the get-together perfectly.

Flexible Schedule : With toddlers, you have to keep things flexible. You can not expect them to be punctual and come exactly on time. They do not understand any time, rather everything depends on their mood. So, it would be better to keep a time frame, like between 11:00 and 11:30 or so.

Settle the Parents’ Role : If you want, you can involve parents too like they can watch kids playing with each other and bond with other parents. In such cases, you have to keep some food and refreshments for the adults as well.

Make Sure the Play Area is safe for Kids : According to the La Palma CA preschool teachers, this is the most important factor to make the playdate successful. First of all, you have to designate a specific place in your house for kids to spread out their toys and play. Make sure the place is absolutely safe and child-friendly. You can keep the play area distraction-free as much as possible.

Keep the First-Aid Kit Ready : Even though you are making sure the play area is safe for kids, they are unpredictable and anything can happen anytime. So, please keep your first-aid box handy with some basic things like some bandaids, and antiseptic lotions but do not administer any medication by yourself.

Intervene Only If It is Necessary : Like all kids, toddlers sharing and playing with the same toys are bound to have some drama of their own. As much as possible, try to be out of all these and let them solve their problems. But if anyone is pinching or hurting others, please step in and resolve the matter. Avoid giving other kids a time out. Their parents may not like it.

Arrange Some healthy Snacks and Drinks : Daycare teachers suggest parents arrange for some healthy snacks and drinks for the kids instead of store-bought chips, pastries, and juices. Before preparing foods, please make sure kids do not have any allergies to the ingredients you are using.