How To Prepare Your Child To Go Back To School : 2021 Edition

This year has been extraordinary; even before the school year started, the children were forced to be at home! All your preparation to send your child to Montessori Cerritos CA turned out to be a futile effort. But now that things are returning to normal in places, and schools are opening with precautions, you have to retrain your little one to go back to his or her Montessori school.

First thing, he or she has to learn the new health protocols post-COVID. It includes minimal touching of surfaces, sanitizing hands properly, and maintaining social distancing. The last point is most difficult to expect from a Montessori going child, so talk to the school regarding what they have done to overcome that. And of course, wearing a mask!

If this is the first time your child is going to a Montessori, then you have to prepare the child beforehand. Previously, parents used to visit the school and meet the teachers to see how the child will fare in the classroom; but now that may not be possible. What you can do, as many schools are offering, is a virtual tour of the classroom and also a virtual meet up with the teacher. That way the child is familiar with both the new environment and the person who will be staying with him or her.

Pump up the joy of going to a school by taking your little one to a school supply shopping. Let him or her choose her own backpack, pencil box, stationery, and water bottles. Talk to him or her about the fun of going to school like meeting new children of their age, playing with them, learning new things. Slowly, your child will start looking forward to his or her first day in school and not dread it.

This will be the first time your child will be separated from you and you need to prepare him or her mentally for that. So, leave him or her with family members or a friend’s house for at least a few hours so that he or she gets over the separation anxiety. Talk to the child about how you will be there for him or her after school ends. The first day of school will become much smoother if you practice this beforehand.

Going to Montessori Cerritos, CA will need a change in your as well as your child’s daily routine. The morning and evening routine should be followed at least a month from the actual school starting day. Get up at a fixed time, do the bathroom routine and then get the habit of dressing up (at least some part of it) by himself/herself. Similarly, in the evening, the child should learn how to prepare his or her backpack for the next day and go to bed in a fixed hour. You will also need to practice these and do calculate the time it will take for you to drop your child at school and plan your routine.

The transition from being a child at home to a Montessori going child can be a little hard, but if you follow these tips, it will turn out comparatively easier.