Kid-Friendly Games and Activities to Teach Numbers

Numbers are everywhere, so, your kids may not have been introduced to numbers formally, but apparently, they do have some idea about numbers. Therefore, teaching numbers to kids will not be a daunting task for many of you. Still, you can play different games or do activities to help them learn numbers better.

Here Preschool teachers have shared some fun, easy, and exciting ways to teach numbers to toddlers and preschoolers.

Play With Number Toys: It is a proven fact that kids learn best through hands-on activities and games as they can manipulate the resources themselves. So, play with toys that have numbers on them, like the Number puzzle board games. You can even make different numbers using playdoh.

Count every day: Count the numbers daily is imperative for young learners as it is a different skill than learning to recognize the numbers. Toddlers will start by recognizing the numbers and gradually they will begin to understand what each number means. Give them some objects and ask them to count. For example, you can give your child 5 cherries and ask him to count them. By this activity, they will understand what the number 5 means. The teachers in Preschool Cypress CA use cars, teddy bears, books, and many other things to help children learn to count.

Read Number Books: Do you think your child loves spending time with picture books? There are many fantastic books to help them learn numbers. Like ‘Ten Little Ladybugs’, ‘Anno’s Counting Books’, ‘Doggies’, The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, and many more. While you are reading these books to your kids please point out each number to them, count with them, and talk about the pictures. After reading, you can ask some simple questions to check their understanding.

Numbers in the Neighbourhood: Neighbourhoods are full of numbers on mailbox, curbs, doorways, and signs. So, you can take your child out for a walk and show them the numbers in various places and encourage him to read the numbers. To make it even more challenging you can show him one number and ask him ‘What number will come before and after this number?’

Rhyme Time: Little ones love listening to rhymes and many rhymes involve numbers and counting. For example, ‘Five Little Ducks,’ ‘Five Little Monkeys,’ ‘Hickory Dickory Dog,’ and many more. You can sing and dance to the catchy tunes of these rhymes. They will enjoy this activity and learn the numbers without much effort.

Draw and Color: Kids love drawing and coloring. So, in Preschool to keep children engaged productively, teachers do this activity. At home also, you can make or buy a number-activity coloring book and encourage them to color the numbers. This type of activity will develop their fine motor skills along with their knowledge of numbers.

These are the very popular games and activities that you can easily do at home with your kids to teach them numbers. You will be amazed to see your kids slowly becoming smart in recognizing and counting numbers.