Montessori is a scientific method of education developed by Dr. Maria Montessori to educate children through direct control of their environment. It focuses on the whole child's physical, spiritual, social, mental, and emotional development and instills mindfulness, kindness, peace, and freedom within a prepared environment.

The environment is methodically organized to meet the children's needs by providing specially designed materials and presentations appropriate to their sensitive periods. It is achieved by using hands-on learning materials and incorporating movement in all activities.

The Montessori classroom is orderly and organized to help the child develop a sense of order, explore, learn independently, stay calm, respect, and be peaceful.

The Montessori curriculum includes areas of Practical Life which consist of exercises to enhance motor skills used in everyday life, Sensorial to explore the child's senses, Cultural to learn about the world around them, Math to understand mathematical functions in concrete form, and Language to each vocabulary, writing, and reading skills.