Three Must Advice for The Parents of Kids

It is very important to motivate your child to be productive from their very childhood. The childcare experts state that early age is the right time when you need to push them to be productive. Gradually with time being productive will be their habit automatically. Continuous motivation from both parents and teachers is needed to increase the creativity, stamina, and willpower of the child.

Sitting idle will make them dull. Most of the teachers of the Preschool advise that always engage them in something because sitting idle is dangerous for the young brain. Most of the preschools in Buena Park, CA make the physical activities mandatory for the children. Drawing pictures, dancing with music, reading books, singing, playing with friends helps a lot to keep a child both mentally and physically active. Playing with other children also teach them to socialize with others. Even taking them to give you company in easy domestic works also helps. They enjoy it when you take them to cut vegetables or to assist you while cooking. When there is no work left undone, converse with them to keep them busy.

Many times, the teachers express that parents of the Montessori children often come to them and complain that their children are not active, attentive, productive, and very lazy. They also want to know the remedy to these problems. According to the preschool teachers being lazy is a very common thing in children. But too much laziness is a matter of concern as it hampers both the mental and physical growth of your child. But, preschool teachers say that there must be some reasons behind this laziness which demotivates them in everything.

A child becomes lazy when he or she does not have enough work to do. They feel bored and become lazy. Parents have to assign new and enjoyable jobs for their children. Play with them, take them to walk in nature, and keep them happy to overcome this lethargic situation. Another reason that the Preschool Buena Park, CA, teachers find behind this lethargic nature is continuous criticism, comparing with other children, and discouragement. All these things demotivate your child and they lose all interest and joy in their work. In spite of taking all care and initiatives if you fail to motivate your child to consult a doctor and counselor to check whether your child is both physically healthy and mentally fit.

How to motivate your child :

Montessori teachers say that set goals both short term and long term for your children. Make a plan, follow the strategy, and help your children to reach the goal. When they reach the goal praise them, express your pride in front of them, and reward them. Celebrate their success with the whole family. Create healthy competition among siblings or friends of your children. This surely will motivate your child to perform their job quickly. Meaningful conversations with children are crucial as through the conversation you may discover the likes and dislikes, passion and interest of your children. Always remain positive and optimistic in front of your children to make them mentally strong and we all know that a strong person can face problems boldly in life.