Physical Activities That Help Your Child's Development

Sports are not only a choice for the child's physical growth, but they also upgrade their decision-making skills. There are lots of physical activities that help to grow mentally and emotionally. That is why in this post, the Child Care La Palma CA team has mentioned a few activities that will help your child grow well. These activities will define sensory and motor development and will allow you to choose appropriate activities to support each type of development in a school-age environment.

Have a look :

Jumping rope

You can organize a jump-rope contest between the kids or practice specific skills. It will help your child's height increase.

Exercise is the key activity geared toward maintaining or achieving the best physical fitness. You can say it's a sub-category of physical activity.

Vigorous-intensity activities

It can make your kids sweat and feel "out of breath." In this kind of activity, they can only speak a few words between breaths. These can include activities like swimming and running fast or for a long time.

Animal Walk

Inside or out, that enables every child to hop like a frog, slither like a snake, gallop like a horse, or walk like a bear on all fours.

Aerobic activity

Walking, running, or other heart-pumping activities should make up the majority of the daily 60 minutes.

Activities to Support Fine Motor Development

Fine motor skills concern careful control of small muscles in the fingers, hands, feet, and toes. It controls the muscles of the tongue and lips to speak or sing. It is also a fine motor skill. Childcare service providers always help the kids to do activities that encourage children to develop fine motor skills. These are the few activities that practice finger and hand coordination :

  • Play with clay or dough with plastic tools like scissors or cookie cutters to form various shapes.
  • various-sized bricks to stack and arrange.
  • Using macaroni, beads, rigatoni, or wheel-shaped cereal, string on shoelaces or yarn.
  • puzzles with variable-size knobs and handles.
  • These include paints, scissors, brushes, crayons, markers, and large chalk that are all child-safe.

Shared reading can also be a great choice to encourage fine motor skills. Inspire your child to turn the pages of a book. Don't forget, board books are best for very young children because the pages are sturdier and easier to manipulate.


These are some activities that will help your child grow in their development year. You can try these activities at your home and spend a few quality moments with your kids. The Child Care Anaheim, CA team suggests you need to focus more on kids' growing age and always encourage them to do physical activities. If you are looking for a professional team for your child's care, we are here to assist you. Here, you don't need to worry about your child's safety and education.