Reasons You Should Send Your Children To Montessori

Montessori is the best form of education that we can offer to a child, think most of the educationists. Unlike a normal school where there are a strict syllabus and method of teaching, the Montessori Method of learning is very fluid. In this kind of setup, the child is introduced to age-appropriate playing tools and activities to learn from as per his own pace and interest.

If your child has already started going to a local kindergarten in Cerritos, CA, you have already noticed that kids enjoy a lot to be there every day as a true Montessori form of education is full of fun and frolic where kids get a chance to get mingled with peers, play with them and through this playing method they learn lots of things.

In ideal Montessori schools like those you see in Cerritos, CA, teachers play the role of guide in the classroom. There is no fixed syllabus or curriculum. The teacher will develop the curriculum seeing the ability and progress of the students. Moreover, a teacher makes different study material or curriculum for different kids as the ability of all children is not the same. The Montessori curriculum allows children to grow up at their own pace in a customized way. It prepares him or her for the next level of school creating the base of the education strong.

In a Montessori environment, children are taught to share things with their peers and to cooperate with others. The caregivers plan a cooperative project where children take part. The teacher encourages them to share and work courteously with one another to explore new things. This helps to build a sense of community. Moreover, the multiage classroom of a Montessori range between 3-5 years makes a family structure. Older students enjoy being the mentor and role models whereas younger students feel supported by the older ones and gain confidence to go forward.

Montessori students learn the language, math, general knowledge, a few practical life lessons. But the method of learning is activity-based. Children have to go through practical work to gain knowledge in all these fields. Activity-based learning helps to enhance concentration power. This concentration power works well when they grow old and go through abstract learning.

Studies have shown that 100 years old Montessori Method is effective to build strong social and emotional skills than the children who go in a traditional school environment. Fellow filling, empathy, loving friends, sharing, etc. are common qualities among Montessori goers.

Montessori curriculum is set in a way that the children learn to be independent. Without any external support, they learn eating tiffin, cleanliness, wearing their dresses, tying shoes, etc. basic things through a firsthand experience. They are also trained in the art of decision making and without any support judge what is right and what is wrong. This experience has a lifelong impact on them.

Children are undoubtedly benefited from attending a Montessori preschool. So if you had not enrolled your kids already in a Montessori, immediately send them to one which is situated near your house.