Safety measures You Should Take For Your Child during Christmas Holidays

Christmas means a long holiday season and it is knocking at the door. Christmas brings a flurry of activity, with presents to buy, rooms to decorate, meals to plan, and family to entertain. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be a fun and exciting time. However, holiday decorations, parties, and cold weather can pose threats to children says a Montessori caregiver. In general, the holiday season is a wonderful time of the year, especially for kids. But, it is also time for accidents and injuries. By taking proper precautions, you can make this season safe and happy.

Christmas is a magical time for everyone. The yearly traditions of hanging ornaments on the tree, wrapping the presents, and baking cakes and cookies create lots of fun time which creates an everlasting effect on a child’s memory. But, to make this family time safe everyone including the older and younger should maintain safety rules. A social worker in a Montessori school in Cypress CA gives some safety tips to parents so that they can make their Christmas holiday vacation more enjoyable.

Christmas is the time for toys, games, and other gifts. Shop those things wisely. Always buy your gifts from reputable retailers who take care of the products all year round. Temporary shops often sell illegally imported toys at low prices and do not follow proper safety guide rules and can be dangerous for small children.

When you give your little one toys, be sure that those are age-appropriate toys. Some toys contain very small parts and contain harmful components. Before buying the toys, check the age marks marked on the toys else the small parts of the toys may choke the baby’s throat.

If you have small babies or toddlers at home, keep small decoration items, batteries particularly the round and silver ones, crackers; etc. out of reach of children.

In most of the houses, the Christmas season begins with decorating the Christmas tree. When purchasing a tree, make sure that it is a real fresh tree. A fresh tree will be green, does not lose many needles when tapped on the ground, and has sticky resins at the cut end. If you are unable to arrange for a fresh tree, you may bring one artificial tree but, make sure that these trees are made with fire-resistant materials. Place the tree whether it is fresh or artificial at least three feet away from the fireplace, heaters, switchboard, etc. to avert an accident. Be sure that you recycle the tree after Christmas is over.

Do not leave children alone in a room with lighted candles, matches, lighters, fireplaces, or any other sources of flame or heat. Closely supervise your children if they are helping you decorate, especially when handling lighting, ornaments, and breakable outlets.

Avoid placing gifts under the tree that contain glass, perfume, poisonous substances, or sharp material.

Bubble light contains chemicals and if accidentally your toddler swallows it, it will be harmful. Keep it out of their rich.

Snow sprays are hazardous for kids if it is not used properly. Restrict the use of it.

Keep your fire alarm on. Turn off the light before you go to bed. Keep your stairs uncluttered for safety purposes.

Wish you all a safe and secure winter holiday.