Some Montessori Activity Ideas for Kids

Many people think that doing Montessori activities at home with kids is cost-effective, but that is not always true. Though there are many things that you can buy from nearby stores and motivate them to learn new concepts, there are many other ways also which do not require you to spend any extra money. You would be surprised to know that Montessori Cypress CA, does not involve the use of expensive materials and a lot of these activities can be done with some regular objects.

Benefits of Montessori Activities for children :

Besides the enjoyment factors, Montessori activities offer many benefits to preschoolers. Some of them are as follows :

  • Kids learn to be responsible.
  • These activities build concentration since they require repetition to gain mastery.
  • Children feel like an important part of the family for being able to contribute.
  • It can help them learn new skills, building a feeling of self-dependence and self-determination.
  • Since these activities involve a lot of movement, they can help develop their fine and gross motor skills.

Some Fun Montessori Activities for Kids :

Most of the Montessori activities are practical and easily be done at home without spending anything extra.

Carrot Cutting :

In Montessori Cypress CA, teachers do this activity with kids to give them an idea of shapes and sizes. This activity also develops their concentration power and fine motor skills. Provide your child with everything he needs to cut carrots including a peeler, scrub brush, wavy chopper, a small chopping board, and a small towel of sponge for any spillage. Show them how to wash, peel, and chop the carrots and allow them to try the whole process on their own.

Button Sorting :

Sorting objects, matching shapes, colors, and then pictures helps children develop visual perception and thinking skills. They usually can sort into colors even before they can identify the names of colors. Give them a few buttons of different colors and sizes (3 different colors and sizes are perfect for them) and three small bowls to sort the buttons according to their color and size. Instead of a button, you can use any objects you child is interested in and do this activity.

Scrubbing :

These sorts of activities normally strengthen children’s hands and fingers for writing. Most of the children love doing scrubbing activity as it allows them to see quick results. You can make the activity simple by giving them a towel, a scrub brush, and a tub. If you want you can add extra things like soap and a bottle brush. With this activity, they will also learn how to accomplish any task neatly.

Make a Trail Mix :

Montessori Cypress CA caregivers do this activity with kids to introduce them to the concept of measurement. At home, you can place large containers filled with several different snack items they love (like nuts, dried fruits, chocos, etc). Give your child a measuring cup and let them scoop some from each container and mix it up in a bowl.

These are some of the very basic Montessori activities which you can do at home and spend some quality time with your children.