Three Must Advice for The Parents of Kids

Montessori education is very important as it teaches your children how learning can be an enjoyable activity and helps them to socialize with other children. They also do a lot to develop and enhance the cognitive power of your child. Sending your kid to a good Montessori academy is necessary as the foundation of your child’s academics start here. According to Montessori Buena Park CA staff, a capable Montessori teacher monitors each child and provides their education schedule according to their need. A positive atmosphere and cordial relation between teacher and student is very crucial for the children.

Montessori Buena Park CA states that more care is needed when you have a more intelligent kid. Sometimes parents cannot understand that their children are gifted with excessive intelligence. Experienced Montessori teachers can identify these gifted students. They make a special education schedule for extra-intelligent students. They also do a lot to enhance the cognitive power of not so intelligent students.

Sleep Advice :

Montessori experts also give importance to the adequate sleep of a child. Adequate sleep helps to enhance the intelligence of a child. A child becomes ill-tempered and dull unless he or she gets an adequate amount of sleeping time. Montessori teachers advise parents to make a proper sleep routine for their children. They emphasize a regular daily routine where there will be the same waking time, mealtimes, nap time, and playtime. They also tell that a child should go to bed at night at the same time.

Activity Advice :

Montessori teacher emphasizes on some practical activities which are not at all expensive and tough and you can practice them at your home in the spare time easily with your children. One such activity is vegetable cutting. Provide them with a peeler, brush, chopper, cutting board, etc. This activity enhances concentration and develops motor skills. Button sorting is another activity that develops visual perception and thinking skills. In this activity, children are provided with different size and colored buttons and are told to put them in different bowls according to their size and color. It helps in the visual perception of the child. Provide the children with a towel and scrub brush and allow them scrubbing. It helps a lot to strengthen the muscle of a child’s hand and fingers which ultimately help them in writing. Montessori caregivers also stress the concept of measurement and they advise parents to do this activity at home with their children. In this activity, children are provided with different snack items. Then with the help of a measuring cup tell them to take the same amount of different snacks and mix them in a bowl. All these activities not only make your child stronger mentally, but it also helps you to spend some quality time with your children.

Food Advice :

Children sometimes throw tantrums while taking food. But, nutritious foods are very important for the development of a young brain and body. Montessori experts give an easy solution to this problem. They say involve your children while making their food. They will find it funny and will eat their own made food happily.