Three Tasty Spinach Preparations For Your Kids

Tell your children If Popeye the sailor Man could get his strength from spinach, you could too because this leafy vegetable is loaded with of nutrients and possess low calorie. High in iron, which is good for red blood cells and energy, spinach, is worth its weight in gold. It is loaded with iron, vitamins, and minerals and is less expensive. It strengthens bones, protects children from asthma, helps to enhance hemoglobin levels in the blood, and is helpful for children suffering from anemia. Beta carotene present in it helps to fight cancer. Lutein and vitamin E in spinach help to improve eye health and skin respectively. But children for some unknown reason do not like to eat spinach say most of the parents in a Daycare in Cypress CA. probably because of its slightly bitter taste. You need a slightly mature taste to enjoy the taste of spinach says a nutritionist.

Spinach is one of the most important green leafy vegetables for children and for this reason parents force their kids to eat it. But, forcing will not work says Montessori caregivers. Perhaps the children do not like the traditional taste of spinach. For this reason in a seminar at Cypress CA regarding the nutrition of the children, caregivers of that school advises parents to experiment with spinach and make some yummy recipes with it. They have given some easy recipe of spinach.

Spinach Smoothie :

Children like to drink a smoothie for their breakfast. Take 3-4 green leaves of spinach, a few pieces of pineapple, and some yogurt. Add them to a blender and blend everything to get a smooth liquid. Your smoothie is ready. Add some crushed ice to it and offer it to your children. It is an ideal summer morning drink.

Crunchy Spinach Ball :

Take some fresh spinach leaves and chop them. Add eggs, corn flour, chopped green chili, and salt to taste in it. Mix everything and deep fry spinach balls in it. Serve these crunchy spinach balls as evening snacks to your children accompanied with a tasty sauce.

Meatball in Jade Green Sauce :

Take some minced lamb meat. Add finely chopped onion, juliennes of ginger, and minced garlic in it. Add salt to taste. Mix well. Boil water in a deep pan. When the water is boiling make meatballs and add them into boiling water to get boiled. The balls will get tied when they are properly boiled. Remove them from water when they become tight. Now to make jade green sauce blanch fresh green spinach leaves for 5-6 minutes. Remove it from water and add in a blender. Also, add a few cloves of garlic and fresh coriander leaves to the blender. Blend everything. Melt some butter in a pan and add a small size of a cinnamon stick. Pour the mixture and add meatballs to it. Cook it for further 5-6 minutes. You may serve it for lunch or dinner.