Three Things You Wanted to Know About Becoming a Montessori Teacher

If children and early childhood education have always been your dream career path, then becoming a Montessori teacher should be a good career choice for you. And there is no better time to start training to become one because there is a huge requirement for Montessori trained teachers all across the USA. With the restrictions easing up, and the educational institutes opening again, there will be recruitment by Montessori in Cypress, CA. So, here are three important facts to know about this profession.

Who is a Montessori teacher?

Montessori method of teaching is an early childhood teacher method established by Dr. Maria Montessori. The difference between this form of teaching and traditional early childhood teaching is that the focus of the teacher is not to teach children but to guide them by actively engaging with them towards exploring their world and learning from it. A child who goes to a Montessori school learns intuitively and also at his or her own pace. It has been proven that children who start their education under a Montessori form do better academically, socially, emotionally, and behaviourally later in their school life.

What educational background do I need to become one?

Montessori teachers training is a certified course that requires a minimum of 4 years of a college education. It is not necessary that college courses are in the field of education; teachers can come from any field of study. Then they have to complete the Montessori training from an accredited Montessori center. At present, there are four associations that offer a list of approved centers under them where you can pursue this certification course. They are:

  • International Montessori council
  • Association Montessori international
  • Montessori accreditation council for Teacher Education
  • American Montessori Council

There are different certification courses based on the age of the children like Infant & Toddler, Early Childhood, Elementary 1, and Elementary 2. And lastly, there is the Secondary level. The age group accordingly are (0 to 3), (2.5 to 6), (6 to 9), (9 to 12) and then (12 to 15) and (15 to 18). Plus, some states require that the teacher also hold a state teaching credential.

What are the prospects of a Montessori teacher?

As said before, there is a huge requirement for Montessori teachers in Montessori in Cypress, CA, and other places. With a certification from an accredited location, you can become the classroom teacher of children you trained for. If you also have administrative background and drive, then being a Montessori school administrator is also another great career option.