Tips To Cut The Hair Of Your Kids Without Professional Help

Many parents prefer cutting their toddler’s hair at home. You must be surprised to know that cutting their hair isn't nearly as difficult as many might think. Here are six key points shared by the Childcare experts to remember as you go about it :

Prepare your salon area - Prepare your space and have all of the necessary equipment on hand. Get them a comfortable chair, a comb, a towel, and barber shears. For the first time, other scissors are not advised because barber's shears are the easiest to use. Place your toddler in a chair and, if a family member is available, ask for assistance.

Wet their hair - Wet hair is easier to cut since it provides an excellent grip between the blades for your scissors.In case you don't want to shampoo or wash their hair first, you can dampen it with a spritz bottle. Before starting from any side, comb the moist hair consistently. Allow them to play with the spritz bottle if possible to familiarise themselves with it and avoid being shocked.

Go slow – According to the hairdressers of Anaheim CA, begin by snipping little sections of hair. Toddlers are squirmy, so you'll need to take numerous breaks to calm them down before proceeding with the cut.

Start from the front - Trim the hair at the front first, as it might become irritable after it has been moistened and combed. When cutting a little girl's hair, try to get through the bangs as fast as possible before she loses patience. Move to the opposite sides, keeping the front as a guide.

Make small cuts - When cutting a little boy's hair, start by trimming it in small sections, especially if you're keeping it short. You'll be able to adjust the hairstyle and make changes if something doesn't look correct.

Make it a big thing - Make the haircut seem like a huge event to get them all thrilled. Make a big surprise in front of the mirror once it's finished, and commend them for remaining calm and patient throughout.

Childcare experts suggest parents trim children’s hair you can use the trimmer.

  • Clippers make it simple to trim the hair of young boys, especially if their hair is short. To separate the hair into portions, repeat the technique indicated earlier.
  • Use a guard to cut the hair to the proper length, depending on how long your child wants his hair to be. Begin with No. 3 and work your way up from the sides.
  • To cut a fade, switch to a No 2 guard and begin cutting from the nape of the neck to the crown's bottom. To acquire the perfect trim, use light arc motions.
  • After removing the guard, clean the hairlines with the clipper. Make sure you've finished the sideburns before moving on to the final step.

Cutting your child's hair may appear intimidating at first, but with patience and a leisurely pace, you can get it right the first time. Watch a lot of videos and lessons to get the little tidbits on the important details.