What Is Harsh Parenting And How It Affects Children

In general, winter is the time for rest in the natural world. Plants and animals in all different climates slow down in winter and benefit from the chance to restore. Even most cacti do not set their flowers if they do not get their winter break. But, for the human being, winter is not the season to stay indoors completely disconnecting from nature says a caregiver in a Childcare in La Palma CA. We cannot afford to keep our kids to keep inside though there is a misconception among parents that to protect children from outer chill it is better to keep them indoors.

But, according to the view of a Childcare specialist in La Palma CA, by default children has huge energy and you have to burn it out. Outdoor activities are the sole route in winter through which you can channelize the energy. Moreover, activities enhance the immunity power of the children and help in both their mental and physical growth. The last but not the list is that winter activities give chance to tie your bond tightly and enjoy quality time together.

But before going to outdoor activities, be sure that you have dressed your kids fully cold-proof. Eyes, ears, and head are cold-prone areas. So do not forget to cover these areas with adequate garments. Some popular winter activities in which you can jointly enjoy with your children are given below.

Make snow angels :

After the first dust of snow, it is almost mandatory that you put your snow gear on and run outside and make a snow angel. Some people build a snow angel for good luck before building a snowman or a snowball. To make it along with your toddler lay down on your back on deep snow. Extend your arms straight. Move your arms and legs. Stand up carefully and enjoy the snow angel. To make a perfect snow angel you need fresh snow that is deep enough.

Build a Snowman :

Building a snowman is an age-old classical winter activity idea. To encourage your toddler’s creativity and imagination power do not stop at the snowman. Tell them to make a castle, dinosaurs, baby turtle and many more things. Provide them with clothing and decorations to decorate their creations.

Snow painting :

If you have small toddlers at home then snow painting perhaps is the best outdoor activity idea. Provide them with brushes, spray bottles, and color. To protect Mother Nature always use organic color or edible color that you use on cakes and other food. Tell your children to use the snow-covered ground as white paper and color them or draw a picture on them.

Play at the park :

Your local park is not just a summertime destination. Exploring the playground in all seasons builds confidence. Be careful about slippery surfaces and stay close to your toddler and be prepared to catch them, if they fall.

Have a winter picnic :

Pack up yummy outdoor lunch, wear adequate winter garments and spend an enjoyable family time together outside. For an extra experience involve your children while you cooked.