Top Five Skin Care Tips Of Toddler In Winter

Winter is here and the need for extra nourishment and care for your toddler’s skin becomes important. A drop in the temperature can make your kids’ skin dry which eventually leads to rough cheeks, flaky skin, and scalp. Hence, it is important to follow a special winter skincare regimen for your baby. According to a dermatologist in a reputed preschool in La Palma CA, in winter it is important to focus on maintaining the moisture balance of your toddler’s skin.

A caregiver in a preschool thinks that parents should take some extra care to maintain the healthy skin of their child as well as they should instill some healthy habits including skincare among their kids from the very childhood. Children should learn how to take basic care of their skin from the very beginning to prevent damage.

A caregiver in a reputed preschool in La Palma CA thinks that kids are constantly exposed to high levels of dirt and germs, so it is crucial to take proper care of their skin. Here are some tips given by a US dermatologist that may help to keep your child’s skin soft, smooth and happy not only in winter but throughout the season.

  1. It is very important to buy the right product for your kids. There are numerous soaps, creams, lotions, available in the market, buy the best brand for them that has a long reputation. Before buying the product, do not forget to read the labels and check whether those skincare items contain chemicals like sulfate and parabens.
  2. Keeping the skin clean in winter is necessary because we use lots of cream and lotion to get rid of winter dryness, which attracts dust. Use lukewarm water to remove dust. Take baby soap but do not rub harshly, just massage it on their skin gently in a roundabout way. It works well to clean all dirt and oil. Everyday bathing in the USA for children in winter is not necessary because it may dry the skin. Twice or thrice bathing in a week is enough. Rest of the day, just sponge with slightly warm water.
  3. Make sure you give your baby a post-bath moisturizing lotion massage. Opting for a baby lotion with the goodness of natural ingredients like almond oil and olive oil will help protect the skin from excessive dryness. After massaging the moisturizer, immediately put them into warm clothes to lock the moisturizer.
  4. Oil massage at night just before bedtime is excellent for the toddler. It brings sleep as well as it keeps skin hydrated. Take any good baby oil or olive oil and massage it all over your toddler’s body. After that, get them into their sleeping suit to keep moisture inside. At night when we sleep out body repairs everything, including cells. So, massaging before sleep time do wonder to keep skin in good condition.
  5. Do not forget to use sunscreen all the year round on your kids. Parents have the wrong notion that the summer sun is only bad due to its scorching heat. But exposure to winter sun is also the same damaging as both winter and summer skin radiates the same level of UV rays.