You can try with your kids these art and craft activities

Preschoolers need something to enhance their skills. You can try arts and crafts with them. Here are the 10 top activities that we try in our Preschool in Anaheim CA. You must try them to encourage your kids.

Have a look:


Give a paintbrush to your child with a bowl of glue, give them a few stones and tell them how to paste things using a little bit of glue.

This activity will help your kids improve their fine motor skills.

Drawing and Coloring It In

This is the art of explaining your words without speaking and writing anything. Offer your kids paper and crayons. In the beginning, they will only scribble with crayons. Slowly, slowly, they will develop their skills and be able to draw better pictures and outlines.

Colour Mixing

Give your kid small dropper bottles with different colors, like blue, yellow, and red-colored water. Also, give them a paint palette and let them mix the colors and see the different color combinations.


Give a few colors to your kids and let them paint. It will be good if you give them three or two colors at a time until they can rinse the brushes and clean spills on their own.

Finger Painting

This is a messy art project, but your kids will love to do it, and it's far better than playing with sand and water. It will help your kids to learn color mixing and improve their fine motor skills.


One of the easiest activities you must try with your little munchkins is baking. pasting things like photographs or maybe leaves onto a board or paper. You can also ask the kids to cut the pictures from newspapers and magazines to make a new picture collage.

Working With Clay

Clay! This is something that is most liked by the kids, so this is the key point for this activity: give them different colors of clay. It will help them to strengthen their hand muscles and prepare them for writing.


Select a table or a corner for a "maker space." Collect some objects like buttons, boxes, toilet paper rolls, and strings, and keep them there. Appreciate your kid's ability to create whatever they have in mind without any pressure.

3D Painting

Let's try this more fun and interesting activity like Styrofoam balls. If you want to skip the smoother balls for this painting activity, you could try uneven and natural objects like pinecones or seashells.

Matching Art Cards

If you visit any art museum or elsewhere, buy two sets of postcards. Shuffle them and ask your youngsters to match the images. If your kid is a little older, then you can ask them to sort it by type or style (like landscape, portrait, still life).


These are the top 10 activities you must try at home to develop your kid's skills. Art is the way of expressing yourself. Our Childcare Anaheim CA, experts must suggest you indulge your kids in these kinds of activities.