7 Positive Behavior Technique That Works Well For Kids

Almost all parents around the world would agree that parenting is quite challenging nowadays. If you have a toddler at home, you must have realized that being always lenient with them is not possible. But disciplining a child is extremely important if you want your little one to become a responsible human being in the future. However, instead of whacking or punishing them, you can be polite and gentle while teaching them good behavior. According to the Montessori teachers, the best way to discipline your child while still nourishing a strong bonding with him is by applying positive behavior techniques.

Encouraging Strategies to Discipline Your Kids :

Here you can find some effective positive discipline techniques that you can try to discipline your toddler.

No Bad Kids, Only Bad Behavior :

Whenever your kids misbehave with others, please tell them these actions are not expected. Calling them ‘bad boy or naughty boy’ is not going to help you. You can talk to them politely and let them understand that misbehaving with others is never appreciated. If they have done anything wrong with others, they should apologize for their actions.

Show Him How to Behave :

Childcare experts in Cypress CA suggest parents be role models for their kids. Instead of just instructing them “don’t do this, don’t do that”, show or tell the little ones what they should do. You should always demonstrate positive behavior, kids will learn automatically by observing you.

Be Firm but Empathetic :

Being empathetic with kids is very important as this will make them understand that you care for them and you understand how they feel. But while teaching them good behavior, you need to be firm. Initially, they may not be convinced but you have to repeat yourself several times if you are willing to change their behavior.

Offer Choices :

Offering choices to kids is always helpful as this would give them a feeling of control and won't make them think that you are always telling them what to do or eat or wear. In fact, by this, they will also learn to make the right choices for themselves.

Don’t Order :

Rather than always ordering or instructing your little ones about what they should do, be a little innovative and try to apply some new techniques to make them do what you want. For example, if they have left their toys scattered on the floor without keeping them in their place, you can always ask, “where are the toys supposed to go once you are done playing with them?” instead of “put your toys back in place.”

Face Consequences :

Montessori teachers ask parents to introduce consequences while disciplining their little ones. If your kids do not listen to you and keep on misbehaving, they have to face consequences for their actions. The consequences can be taking away one of their favorite times or privileges.

Rewards Good Behavior :

If you are introducing consequences, please bring in a reward system as well. Whenever they demonstrate good behavior, do not forget to reward them.