3 Best Homemade Toys For Kids

Kids love playing with toys; hence they are always after toys. From superhero toys to Barbie dolls, there is a wide variety of toys available in the market nowadays. But getting all the toys your kids ask for may not be possible always, moreover, this would spoil the child. Have you ever thought of balancing this out by encouraging them to create their own toys? This will improve their brain development and provide them the opportunity to appreciate the toys they already have. You can also join your little ones and make new toys with them. This will keep them engaged creatively and will strengthen your relationship with the little ones. If you are willing to know what toys you can make at home with your children, read the entire blog post, and start being creative with your kids.

3 Homemade DIY Toys For Your Children

Water Balloon launcher : The water balloon launcher uses a holder to release the balloon and with this, you can more smoothly.

What you need :
  • Balloon
  • Elastic wire
  • Balloon holder
  • Handle strip
How to make :
  • First, take two elastic wires and tie them with a rigid structure.
  • Attach the other ends of the wire with the balloon holder.
  • Attach a handle with the holder for a better grip.
  • Now, use the balloon in the holder for launching it.

Periscope : As per the teachers of Montessori Cypress CA, the periscope will always keep your kids wonder and you can make this wonder toy with a rectangular box and mirrors.

What you need :
  • Foamboard
  • Two mirrors
  • Duct tape
How to make :
  • First, take the foam board and make a rectangular box.
  • Then, put a rectangular hole at the top of one side and bottom of the opposite side.
  • Then, insert the mirror and fix it at an angle of 45˚ in both the holes.
  • Mirrors are to be arranged facing the holes.
  • The periscope is ready. You can even encourage your kids to color the outer side of the periscope.

Colored and Textured Blocks: This is a toy that will keep your toddler engaged for quite a long time. In most of the Montessories in Cypress CA, students make this toy with their teachers as it is quite fun and easy to make.

What you need :
  • Large wooden blocks
  • Textured scrapbook paper
  • Wooden shapes and letters
  • Scissors, glue
  • Paint and brushes
How to make :
  • First, collect the wooden blocks and ask your kids to color them according to their wishes.
  • Then ask them to cut the textured papers in different shapes and then stick the shapes onto the blocks.
  • Use brushes to paint the wooden letters and shapes.
  • Now, use glue to stick the letters and shapes on the blocks.

These homemade toys are perfect for keeping kids away from gadgets for a long time. Let them have fun in making and playing with their creations. But always take special care or accompany your kids while they are engaging in toy-making activities.