Education For Gifted Children

The world is abode to different types of species. And the species of humans in itself has many varieties. Such is the instance of gifted children. The term 'gifted' can be used to refer to those children who show strong corroboration of high achievement capabilities in intellectual, creative, artistic well as leadership capacities, or specific educational fields. These children need those facilities that are not usually served by the schools. This is because their capabilities require optimal development. For doing so, their education should start at a very early age. Montessori has been reported to be beneficial for gifted children, such as the Montessori Anaheim CA. To have an ideal start to a gifted child's education, one must first identify their child as gifted.

The following points explain the features that are seen to be present in gifted children :

1. High Intellectual capacity : The gifted children have an above-average intellectual capacity (I.Q.) of 115-180. This makes them more prone to learn new things very rapidly and very accurately.

2. Excellent memory : Having a greater I.Q. makes them competent in memorizing a wide range of information. thus, they have extensive knowledge of several contrasting matters.

3. Rapid learning ability : Gifted children have the capability of learning the basic skills quickly, with a little practice. Besides being rapid learners, their thoughts are organized as well.

4. High abstract thinking ability : Their thoughts are highly abstract, vivid, complex but logical. They have high alertness since their infancy stage.

5. Highly attentive and keen observers : They have a greater span of attention and this quality makes them a good observer. Adding to that, they entitled to have a quick pattern of responses.

Providing education to gifted children

Since these children are blessed with high intellectual capacities and are capable of reaching heights, if provided the right guidance, it becomes a very concerning and crucial matter to provide the right way of education at the right age. As stated earlier, it is very necessary to start the education of gifted children from a very early age in an ideal way. Montessori, such as Montessori Anaheim CA and homeschooling are the two ways to provide education to gifted children in an exemplary manner. To be more accurate, there are certain options for the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program. These are enlisted as follows :

1. Providing these children supplementary or higher-level assignments, while they attend general classes.

2. Classes having a time span of 2-6 hours every week are provided to these children as a part of their exceptional curriculum.

3. The summer programs arranged specially for the gifted children include focusing on a specific field or subject or portion of the study. These are provided by NGOs, universities, or colleges.

4. Homeschooling as stated earlier, despite being a controversial scheme, greatly helps in optimizing the capabilities of the gifted.

Every parent wants their child's capabilities to be used to the fullest. And, when it comes to the gifted ones, the concern deepens as these children are naturally capable to reach heights. Thus, proper education is a fundamental aspect of providing these children with the right guidance.