Experiential Play – Inspire Academic Learning and Curiosity in Kids

Babies grow very fast and by the time they are one six months old, you will notice many physical and intellectual changes in them. Every day brings in something new for the parents. From this age onwards your kids will become more inquisitive and start building words to express themselves. Slowly gradually they will start exploring and understanding the world around them. In Child Care centers, teachers believe that this is the perfect time to introduce experiential toys to develop their curiosity and a zeal for learning.

Best Learn and Play Toys for Toddlers :

Babies observe and experience objects like phones, flashlights, pots, and pans, and many other things that their parents use around them. Therefore, you can invest in the toys that encourage kids to learn through forms, colors, and iconography.

Kids should have fun while exploring and learning through these enjoyable toys.

Here you can find some learn and play toys that you can consider buying for your growing toddler :

Baby Learning Table:

Learning tables are always a fun way to engage kids from an early age. Most of these learning/ activity tables have a variety of toys that facilitate learning through exploration. Kids learn the alphabet, numbers, and various sounds by exploring different elements of the table. Interactive activities like opening the doors and pressing the buttons strengthen their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Realistic elements like role-play phones would help your little ones to imagine themselves in a real-life situation. Some tables also come with detachable legs for when they will move from sitting and playing to standing and cruising.

Pretend Play Camera:

In Cypress CA playschools kids play with this camera as it enables the little photographers to snap photos while the songs and other sounds help them learn the alphabet, counting, and much more. These interactive toys come with flashlights, realistic camera sounds, and some hands-on activities for your kids to explore. The activities like turning the clicker spinner and pressing the buttons help to strengthen their hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Moreover, the realistic camera design lets them pretend to click pictures.

Toy Smartwatch:

This toy smartwatch looks like a real watch and includes several features such as a light-up screen, easy-grasp band, and activities that would keep your little explorer busy discovering all the elements of the watch. In Child Care centers, teachers allow the toddlers to play with this pretend smartwatch as these toys come with lights, music, and sounds. The interactive elements help kids to learn about the colors, greetings, alphabets, numbers, and much more. Besides the activities like turning the dial, pressing the toggle switch, and pushing the buttons strengthen their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

Essential Tips for Choosing Learn and Play Toys for Kids :
  • Buy the toys that can be explored in different ways.
  • Select the toys that promote open-mindedness in kids and they can play multiple games with them.
  • Look for the toys that contribute to your child’s holistic development.
  • You should buy toys that encourage problem-solving and exploration.