For Best Preschool Experience Of Your Child Enrol To Buena Park Montessori Academy

We at Buena Park Montessori Academy offer an environment where children can joyfully explore, learn, and enjoy at their own pace. We make serious efforts to let the students maximize their potential to be independent and thrive as good individuals. We make our students well-balanced and make them understand the difference between studies and play.

We have a well-maintained curriculum in which there are balanced plans to enrich the child’s growth and development process. The curriculum is divided as per daily, weekly, and monthly lesson plans so that the students are not burdened with a load of studies at one go.

We at this Montessori Buena Park CA have a very responsible team of teachers who make all the efforts for the kids to build up a positive relationship with them and also with their parents. We also have the facilities for the parents to communicate with the teachers and other staff regarding their performance, improvements, and other concern at their ease.

We have a curriculum that focuses more on all core areas like language-based phonics, math concepts, cultural arts, and integrate the STEAM program to ensure and monitor your child’s continued progress.

The main fields of learning that contribute to the development of well-rounded and dynamic education are science, technology, engineering, art, and math (S.T.E.A.M.). In our approach to providing the child with hands-on experience to expand their artistic, problem-solving, creative, and dialogue skills, Buena Park Montessori Academy supports S.T.E.A.M.


It's just more than bubbles and glasses for magnification. It's a part of our everyday life! Kids will be able to explore, experiment, challenge, discover, and understand natural and human-made objects and forces through our enjoyable science activities and experiments.


It's all around us and quickly evolving. It's not just mobile phones, laptops, computers, etc but basic tools for technology, such as pulleys, wheels, stairs, pencils, rulers, and more. Children can explore, learn, and realize the simple tools of technology that help us accomplish broad tasks.

We also focus on the physical fitness of the children than just focusing on the curriculum part of the child. We at Buena Park have many weekly enrichment programs for the children at no extra charge.

Yes, you heard that right, at no extra charge.

The activities included are Music, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Fitness, and Soccer.

The physical fitness of the children are very necessary and so is singing and music. Music opens up the nerves of the children and makes them even more attentive and more focused on their deeds and tasks. Along with that Hip-Hop activity is specially been chosen to make the physical health of the children more strong so that they run at Montessori Buena Park CA, they speed-up and they remain fit throughout.

Ballet techniques are very essential for the kids to follow to learn how to follow directions and also to maintain a healthy habit of exercising daily. It is important so that the basic posture and alignment part can be taught to the students which will help in maintaining strength, coordination among them.