Some Great Staycation Ideas With Kids During Winter

Winter is here and so are the winter breaks for your kids. No school for them means that they will be at home 24x7. As a parent, it can be a challenge in how to keep them engaged, entertained, safe, and most importantly happy.

A lot of families plan a vacation during this time of the year. However, if you are one of those families where a trip is not on the card, then this blog is just for you. Here are few ideas to make the staycation this winter great fun for everyone especially the kids.

  1. Have a movie marathon - while you may not want your kids in front of a TV all the time during this school break, a planned weekend afternoon or evening of movie watching with the whole family can be fun. You can set a theme or genre and ask everyone in the family to pick their favorite movies over the week. Get some popcorns, hot cocoa, or any other drinks that your kids like, gather around the tv with some cozy pillows and blankets and then just chill and enjoy.
  2. Host a family games tournament - A family games tournament can be a great idea to indulge your kids and family in some fun-filled activities. This can be a great bonding session for all the family members. You can announce a games night or day whatever is your convenience and have some great prizes to go with the tournament. The game itself can be anything. You can have a marathon session of monopoly. A tournament of a board or card games. You can even have head-to-head challenges thrown at each other in your favorite video games. Don't forget to have some great food and drinks to go with the tournament. This will make it look more like a party.
  3. Go for a hike - hiking during winters can be great fun. Just make sure you and everybody else is properly dressed for the weather. Wear clothes in layers and make sure the footwears are warm as well. There are some great hiking trails available around La Palma CA. If you or your kids are new to hiking, always start with a short and easy hiking trail. You can research on the internet and then plan it accordingly. Don’t forget to carry snacks and drinks. The feeling of open space, fresh air, and the change of scenewill make you and your kids happy. It will be a lovely time to bond with each other.
  4. Do some volunteer work - Schools are out doesn’t mean that the kids’ learning should come to a complete stop. Experts at child care centers recommend that one of the ways you can teach your kids about sharing and caring is to take them out and help others by volunteering together. Food banks are one of the popular places for families looking for volunteering as they allow families to work together. However, there are likelylots of organizations in your neighborhood looking for a helping hand with whom you can get in touch for volunteering. This will teach you kids about compassion and the values of life and humanity.