Useful Activities to Develop Positive Attitude in Kids

If you have kids at home you would agree that it is never easy to witness kids expressing negative thoughts or wallowing in feelings like self-doubt, sadness, or anger. Although according to childcare experts, it is natural for people to dwell more on negative thoughts than on positive ones, parents would like their kids to demonstrate positive towards life. you would be surprised to know that there are many activities that you can do to help your kids develop a more positive attitude about themselves and the world they live in.

Here you can see some activities that you can practice with your child to motivate them to think positively and be optimistic.


You can encourage your kids to do meditation regularly. Loving-kindness meditation is a special type of meditation that involves thinking of loved ones and sending them positive thoughts. The four commonly used phrases are “may you feel safe”, “may you feel happy”, “may you feel healthy”, “may you live happily”. This type of meditation normally focuses on kindness and compassion that results in increased positive emotions, social connectedness, and better health.

Helping others:

Helping others is definitely beneficial to other people, but according to the La Palma CA Preschool teachers, it will also develop children's positive attitudes. Kids can help others by assisting their grandparents at home or an elderly neighbor with their work or any other source. They can even help their friends with homework or participate in some community service programs.

Recording awe moments:

Ask your kids to maintain an awe journal. In that, they can record beautiful sights and moments that day experience during the day. Deccan even notes down what makes that moment extraordinary for them and how did they feel experiencing that particular moment. For example, if they have seen a rainbow in the sky they can make a note of it or if they have helped someone or if they have eaten a nice food they can record all these.

Setting and achieving goals:

In child care centers, teachers help children to set their goals and make plans for achieving the goals. They call it the WOOP method: wish, outcome, obstacle, and plan. This strategy has helped many kids to achieve their goals, and that results in increased confidence and a more positive attitude in children.

Sharing positivity:

As parents, you can share your positive experiences with your kids, spend quality time with them, laugh with them, and hug them. Your undivided attention towards them will help them to become more optimistic.

Try out new activities with your children:

Take out some time from your busy schedule and try doing new activities with your kids, this will help you recognize their strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, various activities will provide them the opportunities to explore their potential and develop new skills.
These are some basic activities that you can easily do with your kids to promote a positive attitude in them.